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Aggelos’ psychoactive combination of straightforward aggression and ethereal, haunting atmosphere is as dark, twisted and storied as the band’s history. Emerging from the murderous Medellin heat with arid, desiccating dissonance and crushing heaviness, the band have a sharp panache for punishing instrumentation refined and honed by education and experience both, making them metallic masters to be revered. Slated for a February 19, 2016 release, Silentium is the sound of Aggelos letting their message ring loudly for fans around the world to hear—and be unable to stop hearing.

Track listing:
1) Yerushalaim
2) Higuera Seca
3) Panis Vitae
4) Sententia
5) Noche Oscura
6) Ergo Factum Silentium
7) Viventum
8) Silencio